Sounding #9

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Sounding #9
Starring Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds looks like a classic all-American stud--furry and muscled from head to toe--but he has a piggy side. He needs to bust a nut, and an ordinary jerk fails to satisfy his hard cock. He snaps on a pair of black latex gloves and grabs a surgical sounding rod. Lubing the angled tip, he takes aim and pushes the steel into his cock. His dick responds to the foreign object; the large vein along the underside swells and throbs. Brian uses one hand to stoke his cock and the other to raise and lower the sound, but he still wants more. He switches from smooth to ridged steel and shoots rivers of cum across his thigh. But he's not finished until he scrapes up his big load and eats it.

  • Updated on : 04-02-2015 |
  • Length : 26:30 min |

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