Warehouse Fists Dvd Cover

Warehouse Fists

Starring Armond Rizzo, Brian Bonds, Byron Saint, Race Cooper, Zack Taylor

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In 'Warehouse Fists,' Director Tony Buff delivers extreme blue-collar fisting action. These warehouse studs work hard, and they play harder by taking a break from their manual labor to service each other with intense fisting and toy action. 'Warehouse Fists' brings you five hot models with hungry holes engage in flip-flop fisting and toy action that is not for the faint at heart. Race Cooper and Byron Saint team up in back-to-back scenes that offer each stud a chance to show what he can take including massive dildos and how hard he can give. Race is an intense, black, fisting pro. Byron is a towering white giant, providing more hole to fill and more arm to deliver. Both of them are ready to give and receive. Brian Bonds and Zack Taylor take the stage next, in another two-part flip-fisting scene that piles on the heat in long, slow takes. These piggy workers are ready to fill every recess of each other, and they both take it and give it well, slopping fisting lube everywhere. Armond Rizzo is the closer, a hot little fucker with a gymnast's body whose arms are just the right size to slide into Byron Saint's hole to the elbow and further. Every hole, every punch, every fist and every rosebud of these 'Warehouse Fists' will have you wanting them to deliver the action at your workplace.

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Warehouse Fists

The sound of heavy breathing hits your senses first, then a long, white shinbone and a hairy calf. The full picture reveals massive Byron Saint on his back, one knee into his chest as Race Cooper screwdrivers his gloved fist into Byron's ass. Byron jerks as the penetration reaches the middle of Race's forearm. Race removes his fist and re-lubes, smoothing lube over Byron's big balls so they glisten. At 6-foot-5, there's a lot of Byron; his toned body is as lean as it is long, with sparse hair, except for his sexy calves. He holds his legs wider as he relaxes. Race teases the perimeter of Byron's hole by tracing a fingertip around and around the rim until the opening blossoms red. Race resumes fisting with his right hand, but now his left hand is busy, too. He's got a mean hard on that he strokes in counterpoint to his moving fist. Byron rests one foot on his shoulder and asks Race to cum for him, getting blasted with hot, white spooge.

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Warehouse Fists

Zack Taylor leans forward like a runner at the starting blocks. His back is smooth but his pale buns are furry. Brian Bonds' fist is positioned in the crack, coaxing Zack's hole to gain entrance. Raunchy Brian proves a talented fisting top as he takes it slow. He stretches the walls of Zack's ass with his thumbs, then with eight fingers of his pressed-together palms. Zack's ass yields, with a primal scream, so Brian can employ both fists, left-right-left. We see Brian's face and the front of his torso for the first time when he stands upright and turns to chew lips with Brian. Brian resumes the fisting, a slow punching rotation, with Zack on his back, pulling his cock. Zack exhales a long, slow moan of relief as he squirts a high arc of jism onto his furry belly, for Brian to lick up.

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Warehouse Fists

Armond Rizzo is a hot kinky little fucker. At 5-foot-2, he's 120 pounds of rock-hard muscle. He's got dark olive skin and black hair, a thick bush and he's smooth and uncut. His arm is inserted halfway to the elbow in the ass of Byron Saint, who's urging him, 'Yeah, get up in there!' At 6-foot-5, Byron towers over Armond, but when Brian's on his back, all you notice is the long, hairy legs. Bottom Byron orders Armond around to maximize his pleasure. He curls forward and presses Armond's arm further into himself. Armond lubes his entire arm, achieving penetration almost to the elbow. Byron's abs ripple and clench. He orders Armond to 'punch that hole' and Armond commences a left-right invasion to the elbow that makes Byron's eyes roll back in their sockets until you can only see the whites. Byron gets onto his feet and lowers himself onto Armond's upright fist, riding it in rapid deep penetration that brings Armond to a gushing climax.

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Warehouse Fists

Kinked up Race Cooper lies on a black pad. His hands grasp the back of his knees, spreading his legs and pulling them apart. Lanky Byron White, with two fingers extended, is drilling Race hole in a corkscrew motion. 'Ready for some toys,' Byron asks? He grabs an immense dildo, with balls, veins, and dimensions that would test the limits of any bottom. Applying a lot of lube, he slowly grinds it into Race's hole, every plunge an inch deeper than the last. Streaks of creamy white lube run off the table, like cumshots that never got cleaned up. Byron holds the suction cup end of the toy against his pubes so it looks like he's fucking Race with a strap-on. Race twists and shouts, his gyrations emphasizing some of the best abs in the business. Race grabs another dildo, shorter but fatter: 'Give me that.' He sits on it and grabs his cock. Byron drops the first dildo and grabs his own cock. They lean forward to kiss and blow gummy loads across each other's torsos.

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Warehouse Fists

Brian Bonds steadies himself against a stepladder as crew-cut Zack Taylor massages his hole with a gloved fist. Brian offers lots of verbal encouragement as his ass muscles relax, giving way to Zack's fist. That fist rotates its way deeper, with a few slaps to ease it along. Brian shakes his butt, telling Zack to 'fuck me good.' Their torsos gleam with perspiration. Seen from the back, both are smooth; Zack is dark, Brian is pale, and freckled. Zack presses his advantage past the wrist to the forearm, causing Brian to grip the ladder hard and push back with his greedy hole. Brian's hand is jerking his cock as Zack continues to punish his gut. At the magic moment he turns, spits in Zack's face and torpedoes him with a fist-forced load of jizz. Zack's free hand is jacking his own cock, which discharges its load onto Brian's boots.

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