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VIP Fists

Starring Armando De Armas, Brian Bonds

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  • | Length 00:15:28
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VIP Fists

Brian Bonds, blond and furry, assumes a doggy style stance on a bed fitted with black fucking sheets. Armando De Armas pulls on a black glove and lubes his fist up. Starting off slow with just one finger, he enters Brian's hole. A second finger follows; lube drips down onto the bed. Almost before he can believe it, Armando has all his fingers inside Brian's hole and is pushing past the tight muscle ring. He applies more lube and Brian rolls over, spreading his legs wide into the air. Pulling his ass wide, Armando successfully pushes his fist all the way inside Brian up to his wrist. Armando celebrates by sucking on Brian's hard cock and spitting in his face. With his right hand buried in Brian's hole, Armando uses his left hand to jerk Brian's cock. The muscles in Armando's thick arms flex as he pummels Brian's gaping hole. Armando pulls his fist out and they make out passionately, savoring the intense sensations.

  • Updated on : 02-16-2017 |
  • Length : 15:28 min |