The Fetish Bar Dvd Cover

The Fetish Bar

Starring Adam Awbride, Dane Stewart, Lain Kross, Pierce Paris

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'The Fetish Bar' has it all: hunks, leather, toys, and back rooms to do anything you desire. Director Tom Moore brings you his latest kinky creation where you'll get an intimate and personal experience with four hung and horny studs looking for release. Pierce Paris notices Lain Kross at the bar and makes his move. He takes the young hunk back to the pool table, throws a blindfold on him, and cuffs his hands behind his back. Lucky Lain gets Pierce's monster cock up his ass before he's allowed to suck it and blast his load all over the floor. Pierce isn't quite done with Lain and offers up his ass for Lain to lick. When Lain gets his daddy hard as a rock one last time, Pierce sticks it to Lain and fucks him hard again until he pulls out and has Lain jerk him to a creamy finish. Dane Stewart is distracted from his game of pool when he sees 18-year-old Adam Awbride from across the room. Dane seizes the opportunity and takes the young hunk to the back room where he fits him with a bridle, gives him a playful spanking, and shoves his fat cock into Adam's ass until Adam blows a massive load all over himself. Now it's time for Dane to get off. He takes Adam to a private back room where Adam sucks Dane's stiff cock and works the stud's asshole with his tongue. All the action makes Dane ready to fuck again. Dane plows Adam's hole one last time and then blows a massive load of cum all over Adam's face and open mouth. The next time you're in the area, stop by 'The Fetish Bar' where you'll walk in wanting a drink and leave with the man of your fantasies.

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The Fetish Bar

Pierce Paris spots Lain Kross sitting at 'The Fetish Bar' and likes what he sees. Lain notices Pierce checking him out from across the bar and decides to join Pierce to shoot some balls on the pool table. Lain gets more than a friendly game of pool when Pierce blindfolds him and cuffs his hands behind his back. Lain submits to Pierce's desires and offers up his body for Pierce to use at his own free will. Pierce gets on his knees and sucks Lain's growing cock until he's ready to open up Lain's ass. Pierce gets in deep with his tongue and gets the stranger from the bar ready for his giant dick. Lain has no idea what he's in for until he feels Pierce slide his monster deep between his cheeks. Pierce pumps away with a steady pace going deep inside the new hole. Pierce's massive balls bang on Lain's ass with every thrust from the muscle daddy. After fucking the hunk hard, Pierce decides Lain has been a good hole and needs a reward. He takes Lain out of his restraints and lets him suck on his big cock. Pierce's shaft sliding in and out of his mouth makes Lain blow his load all over the floor. Lain really needs Pierce's load, but Pierce isn't ready to give it up just yet.

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The Fetish Bar

Lain Kross has just had his ass and throat reamed by Pierce Paris and his massive cock. Lain got the relief he craved after cumming on the floor, but now it's Pierce's turn for pleasure. Pierce bends over the pool table and rubs his ass on Lain's hungry face. Lain works the hole in front of him making Pierce moan out before the stud lies back on the table to let Lain suck his lengthy pole. Lain covers every inch of Pierce's giant cock and smooth hole before he gets to work sucking on his gigantic nuts. All the attention that his cock is getting makes Pierce ready to stretch Lain's hole one last time, so he shoves his cock balls deep into the young hunk and pumps hard in a few different positions until he's ready to blow. Pierce instructs Lain to get between his legs and jerk him off and Lain once again, does as he's told. Lain keeps a steady rhythm until Pierce blasts a big white load all over his trimmed pubes. Lain takes a taste and collapses into Pierce's arms as they kiss in a firm embrace

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The Fetish Bar

Dane Stewart is distracted from his game of pool when he sees Adam Awbride from across the bar. Dane offers to buy Adam a drink, but he's only 18 so Dane takes his new toy to a private room. Adam is eager to learn some new things and Dane is happy to show him a few tricks. Dane puts a bridle on Adam and gets to work opening his shorts. Adam is in complete ecstasy when Dane reaches in and pulls out Adam's hard dick. He teases the young hunk by jacking him off before he pulls off all of Adam's clothes and bends him over a barrel. Dane pulls out a paddle and gives Adam a nice playful spanking and then gets on his knees to take Adam's dick in his mouth. When Dane senses that Adam is as hard as he can be, he turns Adam back around and slides his big, hard cock deep into Adam's ass. He pumps away, filling Adam's tight hole and stretching him to the limit before rolling Adam over onto his back to take him to the finish. Dane's cock feels amazing going in and out of Adam's hole, which is why he can't hold off any longer. 'Cum for me boy,' Dane demands as he gives Adam permission to blow. With Dane still fucking him, Adam lets go and blasts his load all over himself.

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The Fetish Bar

After making Adam Awbride cum, Dane Stewart wants to have some more fun with another steamy session. He takes Adam to a private back room and instructs Adam to take off his boots. Adam removes Dane's boots and gets to work sucking the stud's stiff cock. Every inch of Dane is fair game for Adam's hungry mouth as the eager newbie works his way down Dane's throbbing shaft to his big, round balls and smooth ass. Adam's tongue feels amazing in Dane's hole and he makes the stud moan out in ecstasy. When Dane is rock hard he stands up to face fuck Adam, stretching his throat as he goes balls deep in his mouth. Dane wants one more turn at fucking Adam's tight little hole and has the young stud bend over one last time. Dane slips his big cock inside and pounds away as his giant low-hanging balls swing back and forth between his legs. Adam's ass feels amazing and soon Dane is ready to blow his load. He pulls out and shoves his hole in Adam's face as he jacks his big rod. When Dane can't hold off any longer, he turns around and slathers Adam's face and open mouth with a massive load of white creamy jizz.

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