Sexual His ASSment Dvd Cover

Sexual His ASSment

Starring Jaxton Wheeler, John Magnum, Sergeant Miles, Teddy Bryce, Tony Orlando

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Sex between the boss and employees has been going on since the inception of the workplace. Whether it's sex to get a promotion or as punishment for fucking something up, 'Sexual HisASSment' always pleases the boss and gets you ahead in the world of office politics. Teddy Bryce is the new employee in the office and when he catches John Magnum staring him down, he starts to have dirty thoughts about his supervisor. John makes his move and soon their boss, Jaxton Wheeler, joins the office party as both Jaxton and John take turns spit roasting, Teddy. Jaxton ties John and Teddy up in the office storage room and fucks their faces before plowing both of them up the ass. He's an equal opportunity employer and pounds away at his staff giving them both what they want until Teddy and Jaxton blow their loads all over John's face and mouth. Tony Orlando is preoccupied with dick as he tries to work in the office storage room. When his boss, Sergeant Miles catches him drawing cartoon cocks, Sergeant teaches him a lesson with extreme face fucking, verbal humiliation, and an ass reaming that Tony won't soon forget. Sergeant leads Tony to his office like a dog on a leash where he spanks and flogs the deviant employee until his ass is red and bruised. Sergeant finishes his lesson by destroying Tony's hole and draining his balls all over the used-up employee's face. These bosses believe in a different kind of team building. A kind where normal rules go out the window. It's called 'Sexual HisASSment.'

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Sexual His ASSment

John Magnum can hardly concentrate on his work as he fantasizes about the sexy new employee, Teddy Bryce. The staring from John doesn't go unnoticed by Teddy and soon Teddy is having a rock-hard time concentrating as well. Teddy can't decide if his supervisor is hot or creepy and as the uncomfortable silence between the two becomes unbearable, John takes matters into his own hands and approaches Teddy to show him how things are done in the office. John bends Teddy over his desk and tapes his mouth shut before pulling the confused employee's pants to the floor. John is in the middle of spanking Teddy with his belt and about ready to shove his cock into John's hole when Jaxton Wheeler comes in and tries to stop the action. When Teddy admits to loving the attention, Jaxton caves to the pressure and takes his turn spanking the lucky employee. John is horny as hell and bellies up to Teddy's drooling mouth to fuck his face. Jaxton can no longer hold off either and slips his cock into Teddy's tight ass to spit-roast the tatted stud. Being a gracious boss, Jaxton offers John to get a piece of Teddy's ass and the two switch it up so that John can fuck him too. It's a productive day in the office as the two bosses continue swapping between Teddy's ass and mouth.

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Sexual His ASSment

Jaxton Wheeler shows Teddy Bryce and John Magnum exactly who's boss when he binds their hands to the shelves in the office storage closet. John begs for the boss to fuck his face and Jaxton grants the eager employees wish and shoves his big swollen cock into John's hungry mouth. As he plows away on John's face, Teddy feels left out and politely asks for a face reaming of his own. Jaxton wants to treat all of his employees equally and happily obliges to let Teddy have a taste too. After going back and forth between the cock-hungry workers, Jaxton decides it's time to stretch some ass. He cuts the guys loose and bends them both over a table before shoving his dick deep into Teddy's open asshole. He fucks hard, going balls deep, until John begs for some attention to his hole as well. Jaxton shows some love and goes to work pounding John's big bubble ass. Teddy wants to please both of his bosses and stands up to let John suck his dick as Jaxton continues to fuck John from behind. The three co-workers keep pounding away until they're ready to let loose and blow their loads. Teddy is the first to blast his jizz all over John's face. Jaxton can no longer hold off either and follows along to drain his balls, leaving John a sticky mess covered in the cum of his boss and his favorite new employee.

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Sexual His ASSment

Tony Orlando is in the office storage room pretending to work, but he's preoccupied with the thought of dick as he doodles a cartoon cock on his notepad. Tony tries to hide his obsession from his boss, Sergeant Miles, who walks in and finds out what Tony has on his mind. Sergeant is unimpressed with both the drawings and Tony's choice of underwear and wants to teach him a lesson by throwing the young office worker to the floor and planting his cock in Tony's mouth. Sergeant is relentless in his degradation and gives the deviant employee a rough face fucking. Sergeant can see that even with the extreme throat fucking and verbal humiliation, Tony isn't getting the message of what it takes to work in his office. Sergeant takes it a step further and bends Tony over a table, binding him with plastic wrap so that the young stud can't move. Sergeant is determined to get his point across and slams his thick cock deep into Tony's tight, smooth ass. Sergeant reams Tony's hole, treating him like the slut he is until he cuts Tony loose and leads him off to his office like a dog on a leash.

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Sexual His ASSment

Sergeant Miles leads employee Tony Orlando into his office by the neck and bends him over his desk. Sergeant is determined to discipline Tony for his choice of inappropriate underwear in the workplace and puts on his rubber gloves to spank Tony as hard as he can. The spanking isn't quite driving the point home to Tony, so Sergeant grabs a flog and continues with his lesson. When the boss is convinced that he's finally getting through to Tony, he lies back on the desk and has Tony hop on to ride him deep. Tony takes Sergeant's massive cock like a champ deep up his bruised ass as his own big cock and balls flop up and down with each bounce. Sergeant can sense that Tony is getting tired and isn't ready to let him off the hook just yet. Sergeant takes control one last time and bends his exhausted employee over the desk to finish up his training. He pounds away on Tony's used hole until he's ready to explode. Sergeant shoves his gloves into Tony's mouth and jacks his throbbing cock onto Tony's face until he unleashes his load, soaking the used-up employee with buckets of cum. Tony has learned his lesson and now knows his place in the office.

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