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Pig Puppy

Starring Lance Hart, Max Cameron, Micky Mackenzie, Tyler Rush

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  • | Length 01:36:34

Are you a good boy, a bad dog, or are you something else entirely? Are you a 'Pig Puppy'? Pups need strong masters, but only an experienced handler like Lance Hart can handle a 'Pig Puppy.' Directed by Tom Moore, 'Pig Puppy' shows Lance Hart doing what he does best: breaking in submissive bottom sluts who live to be used! Mickey Mackenzie gets a crash course in spit roasting when Lance, Max Cameron, and a fucking machine take turns pummeling all his holes. Tyler Rush isn't so submissive, and he gets some heavy discipline when he pees on Tyler's boot! With ass hooks, restraints, sensory deprivation, and psychological anticipation, Lance proves once and for all that he is the master, securing Tyler's canine loyalty. See for yourself exactly how Lance turns each 'Pig Puppy' into his submissive fuckbitch!

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Pig Puppy

Puppy handler Lance Hart leads Mickey Mackenzie around on a black leather leash. With a tail plugging his hole and a mask over his face, Mickey surrenders his humanity and dives headlong into his submissive pup mind. As Mickey sniffs around the room, he marks his territory by pissing on a barrell. Lance gets impatient and redirects Mickey's attention where it belongs: servicing Lance's big dick. Removing the pup hood, Lance grants Mickey's mouth full access. But whenever Mickey talks, Lance disciplines him firmly: puppies don't talk! After enjoying Mickey's oral service, Lance explains his plans while binding Mickey's paws: he's taking Mickey down to a cruising spot to sniff out some new dick. Lance is eager to see his pup get used by two dicks at the same time! When they arrive, they find Max Cameron stroking his thick cock. Lance introduces his pup, and Max introduces his friend the fucking machine! Pulling out Mickey's tail, Max inserts the fucking machine's dong and turns it on. With the robot filling Mickey's hole, Max uses his cock to fill Mikey's mouth. Now this is how to properly train a pup!

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  • Length : 23:57 min |
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Pig Puppy

Deep in Lance Hart's dungeon, pup Tyler Rush is shackled inside his steel crate. His hard bone hangs out of reach between his legs, a butt plug spreads his ass, and a leather hood covers his face. Lance arrives, rattling the cage. It's time to let Tyler out for a piss, but Lance makes him wait. Reaching through the bars, Lance grabs his pup's cock and balls, teasing him and building anticipation for the release. Slowly, Lance unties the shackles that bound Tyler to the bars. Lance opens the door, and Tyler backs out of the cage. When Tyler tries to speak, he is disciplined firmly: puppies don't talk, they bark, whimper, and moan! Lance makes Tyler wait until he can't hold it any longer: the butt plug slips out and Tyler pisses all over the floor. Furious at his pup for this disobedience, Lance grabs a flogger and teaches Tyler a lesson. After the flogger comes the cane. Pink lines appear up and down Tyler's perfect, tender ass. 'No rest for you puppy,' Lance says as he replaces Tyler's restraining hood for a pup mask. With the push of a button, restraints lower from the ceiling, and Lance straps Tyler's hands in. Lance walks over to the table and holds up a giant ass hook. The mere sight of it makes Tyler start to whimper. Despite Tyler's protesting, Lance slides in the bulbous tip and ties it off on the suspended restraint bar. Grabbing Tyler's cock and balls, Lance gives a tight squeeze while bouncing the hook in Tyler's ass, making him whimper and moans. Using a thin, black rope, Lance wraps a tight knot around Tyler's junk and ties it to the bars of the cage. As Tyler's balls turn blue, Lance tries to decide what twisted method to punish him with next!

  • Updated on : 01-05-2017 |
  • Length : 29:06 min |
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Pig Puppy

As his pup Micky Mackenzie looks on, Lance Hart demonstrates the right way to suck a dick. Max Cameron's fat cock is the perfect opportunity for a pup training lesson. But before Micky gets to swallow their loads, first he needs to get fucked by both their cocks! 'Ready for this bone?' says Max as he slides himself into Micky's tight hole. Gasping and moaning, Micky bends down and sucks Lance's cock while Max pounds him from behind. Trading places, Max offers his bone for Micky to taste as Lance rams into Micky with his fat meat. To really see how far they can push their slut pup, Max and Lance take turns on Micky's pup hole. When they're ready to give his ass a break, Lance and Max take turns throat fucking Micky, shoving in their hard, thick rods all the way down to the base. For Micky's next lesson, Lance and Max flip him on his back and fill his pup hole with their cocks. With Micky's paws bound, he has no way to stimulate his own cock, which lays thick and heavy across his stomach. In exchange for a bark, Max strokes Micky's cock for him. As a reward for taking their dicks so good, Max and Lance remove one of Micky's puppy mits so that he can shoot his load. Standing above Micky, Max jerks out his thick load into Micky's whimpering open mouth. With Lance's big dick filling Micky's hole, Micky strokes his cock until he erupts with huge jets of cum. Standing over Micky, Lance shoots his load, drenching Micky's chest with cum.

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  • Length : 23:19 min |
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Pig Puppy

Lance Hart holds his fat cock in his hand and offers his bone to his pup. Tyler Rush is tied up with his hands immobilized, using only his mouth to service his master's cock. 'Good boy!' exclaims Lance, as Tyler does everything he can to win his handler's affection. Licking, gagging, spitting, and slobbering everywhere, Tyler shows Lance how eager he is. Lance is looking forward to fucking his pup's hole, but before he can do that, he has to remove the giant metal hook shoved up Tyler's ass. Pulling out the hook and releasing Tyler from his restraints, Lance rewards his pup with a masterful blowjob. The intense sensations make Tyler's cock twitch and his balls rise and fall. After serving his master's cock some more, Tyler gets rewarded by getting his ass fucked. As Lance slides in, Tyler growls and moans, feeling the walls of his ass stretch from the girth of Lance's thick tool. Once he's fully inside, Lance picks up speed, ramming Tyler's hole with relentless intensity. Lowering the restraint bar, Lance trusses up Tyler's legs and raises his ass up in the air to the perfect height for Lance to drive his cock deeper than ever. As a reward for taking dick so good, Lance permits Tyler to stroke his own cock while getting fucked. When he's about to cum, Lance grabs a dog bowl and puts it on Tyler's stomach, and Tyler shoots his load right into his own bowl. Lance walks over and ads his own hot load to the dish. That will make a tasty treat for Tyler later!

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