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Fetish Findr

Starring Colby Jansen, Dolf Dietrich, Gabriel Dalessandro, Nate Grimes, Pierce Paris

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In 'Fetish Findr', two doms and three subs are on an online mission to find their ultimate fetish turn on. Find out what makes masters and slaves tick when award-winning fetish director Tom Moore brings you five hot and horny studs seeking out other kinky studs in 'Fetish Findr'. Master Dolf Dietrich agrees to take Pierce Paris on as a sex slave and gives him the ultimate experience when he ties Pierce's balls, clamps his nipples, and goes ass to mouth on the hot jock with a giant rubber dong. After hog tying Pierce and leaving him alone, Dolf returns to plunge his slave's greedy hole. He pumps Pierce with his swollen cock until they both splash themselves with jizz. Nate Grimes and Gabriel Dalessandro are slaves to their master, Colby Jansen. Colby flogs Gabriel as Nate sucks on the stud's cock. After Gabriel's sensory overload, Colby spanks Nate until he's almost raw and then slides his cock deep inside to give the slave a pounding he won't soon forget. Colby leaves the slaves alone for a minute and when he returns he finds Nate sucking Gabriel's big bone. To punish Gabriel, Colby flogs the stud's back and spanks his ass before shoving his dry cock in the slave's hole. After Gabriel dumps his load, both slaves get under Colby so that he can drain his balls. Sit back and let these masters and slaves flog and spank and fuck the cum right out of you!

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Fetish Findr

Pierce Paris has been fantasizing about being Master Dolf Dietrich's sex slave. It's to the point that Pierce can't make it through a full day of work without whipping out his cock and jacking off at his desk. Master Dolf has agreed to train Pierce and when Pierce shows up for his first session, Dolf pulls out all the stops to give Pierce the full slave experience. Dolf knows the importance of putting a slave in his place from the beginning and with Pierce blindfolded, pulls out a cane to tap Pierce's big cock and balls. With each learning experience that Pierce passes, Dolf moves onto a more complex situation, from nipple clamps to more intense cock and ball torture and culminating in getting flogged with his sack tied with a rope. Dolf pushes Pierce to the absolute limit when he stuffs his slave's asshole with a mega dong before pulling it out and going ass to mouth down Pierce's dirty slave throat. After tasting his own hole, Pierce is ready to offer up his body for the ultimate slave experience and lets Dolf hog tie him on the bed. Will Dolf eventually fuck him or will Pierce be stranded vulnerable and compromised?

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Fetish Findr

Pierce Paris is hog tied on a bed and what seems like an eternity later, Master Dolf Dietrich arrives to let his slave loose. Dolf rewards Pierce by letting him deepthroat his massive cock. Dolf isn't satisfied with just a blowjob, so he face fucks Pierce until his dick is swollen and ready to plunge his slave's hole. Pierce winces as Dolf slides his monster cock into his ass and pumps away, commanding Pierce to take his dick deeper. Dolf wants to see every expression on Pierce's contorted face and flips him over to penetrate him on his back. The master pumps the slave, humping as they both grunt and groan with the prolonged humping. 'Oh Master, I love your dick in my ass!' Pierce yells out as he grabs his own cock and blasts his slave load all over his ripped and writhing stomach. When Dolf has fully pleasured his submissive new plaything, he pulls out and jacks his stiff rod until he splashes his jizz everywhere. Pierce still wants to please his master and sucks Dolf's spent cock, taking in every last drop he has to offer.

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  • Length : 22:07 min |
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Fetish Findr

When Nate Grimes gets home he finds a note from his master, Colby Jansen, instructing him to come over with his buddy, Gabriel Dalessandro. Colby has planned his session for the two guys and readies his dungeon by carefully laying out his various leather toys. The guys show up hard and ready for Colby in their jocks and collars and give themselves up for anything that Colby desires. The Master starts off slowly by securing Gabriel's hands and having Nate rim his asshole. Nate is told to come around to Gabriel's front side and when he sucks Gabriel's cock without permission, he gets a spanking. When Colby is satisfied Nate has learned his lesson, he relents on the punishment and lets Nate suck all the cock he wants. Colby is ready to dole out some pleasure and sits down behind Gabriel to give him the flogging of his life. Gabriel's experience is pure sensory overload as he gets flogged while having his dick sucked. As a reward for their good behavior, Colby allows the two slaves to suck his dick. Happy to be giving their master some attention, the cocksuckers work their magic and bring Colby to the brink of blowing a giant load.

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  • Length : 30:28 min |
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Fetish Findr

Gabriel Dalessandro and Nate Grimes are busy sucking on Master Colby Jansen's big hard cock. Colby gets great pleasure from spanking his slaves and is ready to redden the guys' asses. He instructs Nate to bend over his knee and to take Gabriel's throbbing cock down his throat. Colby is relentless with his punishment and soon Nate's cheeks are as red as apples. Nate begs for more as Colby continues to warm up his ass with the spanking. Colby is getting worked up as he punishes Nate and soon he's hard as a rock. He slips his fat cock deep into Nate's smooth hole and starts working himself up as he pumps away and stretches his slave out. Nate continues to get his butt reamed and keeps sucking on Gabriel's big stiff one to satisfy both of his hungry holes. Colby can sense that Nate is ready to blow and finger fucks the stud until his cock erupts with a geyser of thick, white jizz. The whole time, Gabriel keeps a strong gaze with his new master and is careful to wait for just the right moment to beg Colby to fuck him. 'Please Sir, is it my turn?' Gabriel calls over his buddy's cum-soaked body. Will Colby be in a giving mood, or will he leave Gabriel hanging and possibly even punish him for speaking up?

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  • Length : 18:21 min |
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Fetish Findr

When Colby Jansen leaves his slaves alone for a few minutes, he comes back to find Nate sucking on Gabriel's fat bone. Colby isn't all that upset but he knows that a good punishment is in order to teach the studs a lesson so he grabs his flog and lets Gabriel have it. With his hands bound, his back red, and his cock getting sucked, Gabriel screams out with a mix of pleasure and pain. Colby wants Gabriel to really have the full slave experience and grabs a riding crop to spank the muscle jock. Colby gets Gabriel's ass burning red and then rewards the stud with a firm dry cock up his ass. Colby loves the feel of his new slave's asshole and pounds him deep as Gabriel thanks him for the prolonged dry hump. Colby wants to make Gabriel do the work so he lies back on the bed and instructs the stud to ride him. Gabriel bounces on Colby's big thick rod as Nate continues to suck on Gabriel's cock and balls. The feel of Colby sliding in and out of his tender ass is all it takes for Gabriel to blow his load all over his own leg. When Colby sees that he's done his job he pulls out and has the guys open wide to lap up his load like only good slaves can do.

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