Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab Dvd Cover

Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab

Starring Hugh Hunter, Pierce Paris, Scotty Taylor, Teddy Bryce

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  • | Length 01:51:42

Welcome to 'Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab', a mad fister's hideaway, where he conducts hardcore experiments. Hugh Hunter is Dr. FrankenFuck in this sci-fi fisting thriller brought to you from the twisted mind of director Tom Moore. The mad Doctor has created two muscle stud monsters and he's devised a special treatment that stretches their assholes to the very limits and puts them into submission to get them prepared for life in the real world. His monsters dare not complain when their treatments start as they get cocks, toys, and fists shoved up their blown-out asses. Teddy Bryce is nearing the end of his treatments but the Doctor wants to make sure he's ready for society. The Doctor whips out his massively thick dick and has Teddy suck it before his slips it into Teddy's ass. He follows it up with a giant ridged dildo and finally his fist. It's the sight of the fist that makes the Doctor blow his load all over Teddy's gaping ass. Later, Teddy wakes up confused and upside down in a laboratory chair. He's in for his final treatment and this time he gets his rosebud going with two alternating fists up his used-up hole. Pierce Paris is another of the Doctor's creations, and when the mad scientist catches his assistant, Scotty Taylor, sucking the monster's cock, Scotty is in for a severe punishment. The Doctor fucks his assistant before the creature takes over and slides a fist up Scotty's ass. The sight of his own creation fisting his assistant makes the Doctor blow a massive load all over Scotty's thirsty face. Then the Doctor walks into his lab to find Scotty eating Pierce's ass, he gets upset and decides to include Scotty in the treatment. Both hunks bend over the exam table and the Doctor fucks them both with his fists at the same time. Be careful not to offend the Doctor in 'Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab' because you might find yourself bent over and getting his treatment whether you like it or not!

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Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab

Dr. FrankenFuck (Hugh Hunter) has created a fisting monster in Teddy Bryce. Teddy is adapting well to life thanks to Dr. FrankenFuck's treatments, which consist of regular and constant ass stretching. Teddy wants to be a good monster and after having the Doctor's fingers disappear inside his asshole, he gets to work sucking on the horny mad scientist's extra thick cock. 'Let's see how deep your throat is,' the Doctor says as he jams his big cock into Teddy's begging face. The monster's lips feel amazing wrapped around his cock and when Doctor FrankenFuck is rock hard, he knows it's time to take the treatment to the next level. He gets behind the muscle stud to cram his pole into Teddy's hole and fucks his creation hard just to get him opened up a little. The Doctor's treatments have only begun and it's time to stretch Teddy's butt a little more. The Doctor grabs the 'green monster', a massive ridged dildo, and slides it into Teddy's steadily growing hole. Once Teddy is good and gaping, the Doctor puts on his work gloves and slides his big thick fists into the monster's back door. Teddy begs for the Doctor to go deeper and when he gets wrist deep inside his creation, he can't hold off any longer. Dr. FrankenFuck's swollen cock erupts all over Teddy's stretched and wrecked asshole and all over his own wrist, still crammed deep inside Teddy's hole.

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  • Length : 27:58 min |
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Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab

Dr. FrankenFuck's creation, Teddy Bryce, wakes up upside down on a laboratory chair and realizes he's in for his final treatment from Dr. FrankenFuck (Hugh Hunter). Teddy is a little scared because he's not sure what the final treatment will be. 'Do you see this left fist?' the Doctor asks. 'Well, there's also a right fist,' he explains. With that, Teddy knows what he's in for and spreads his legs wide to let the Doctor inside. Dr. FrankenFuck starts by going wrist deep with his left fist and spins inside his monster to give him the ultimate pleasure. When he pulls his hand out, Teddy's asshole is gaping with a massive rosebud that protrudes from the rest of his ass. The Doctor wants to keep his monster intact and pushes his asshole back inside with his right fist. 'monster hungry!' Teddy screams out as the Doctor pushes his giant fist deeper inside to feed the monster's most primal urges. When the Doctor sees that Teddy is in the throes of full ecstasy, he alternates fists, one after the other, going deeper inside as Teddy screams out in satisfaction. As part of Teddy's final treatment, the Doctor has him stroke his stiff cock. 'Enjoy it, beautiful,' the Doctor says just as he pulls his fist out and gives the okay for Teddy to blow his load all over his own hot, tatted body. Even in Dr. FrankenFuck's lab, there can be happy endings.

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  • Length : 26:06 min |
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Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab

Pierce Paris is Dr. FrankenFuck's latest creation. The Doctor (Hugh Hunter) needs to give his new monster a check-up and he has his assistant, Scotty Taylor, get Pierce onto the exam table. After checking all of Pierce's vital signs, the Doctor gives Pierce a few jolts of e-stim madness. The jolts make Pierce's monster dick grow even harder and when the Doctor turns around, Scotty can't help but take a taste of the creature. The Doctor hasn't given Scotty permission to suck the monster's cock, and as punishment has Scotty blow the Doctor. The Doctor wants more of his assistant and bends Scotty over to lick his ass as Scotty continues his sucking fixation on the creature's dick. Sensing that his assistant is ready to get his ass stretched, the Doctor slips his thick dick deep inside Scotty's hole, stretching him out and getting him ready for more. The monster wants in on the action and takes over for the Doctor, pounding Scotty's ass while the Doctor fucks his face. It's a dream come true for Scotty who gets both holes used and opened up for what's about to come. Without instruction and on pure instinct, the creature knows what to do next and greases up his gloved hand to slide into Scotty's gaping hole. He goes wrist deep inside Scotty with his fist and keeps a steady pace. The Doctor is so turned on by the sight of his creation fisting his assistant that he blows a massive load all over Scotty's face. Scotty is still enjoying the fist up his ass when the Doctor leaves the room and barks out the command to get the creature ready for his next treatment.

  • Updated on : 10-12-2017 |
  • Length : 29:47 min |
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Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab

Dr. FrankenFuck's assistant, Scotty Taylor, is enjoying eating out the asshole of his master's monter creation (Pierce Paris) in the laboratory but when the Doctor (Hugh Hunter) enters, he's upset to find his assistant disobeying his orders. As punishment, the Doctor bends Scotty over the table next to the creature and decides to give both of them the same treatment. The Doctor takes a massive rubber dong and drives it into Scotty's hole but when he realizes he's not giving the creature the attention he deserves, he grabs another massive dildo and slides it into the creature's tight ass. The Doctor doesn't discriminate and goes back and forth between the two hunks to stretch their asses and make room for his fists. When the Doctor can see that both hungry holes are ready for more, he dips his gloved hands into his vat of grease and starts in on fisting the monster, then Scotty. The studs moan out as the Doctor fucks each of them with his fists at the same time. The guys jack their big cocks as the Doctor keeps up his relentless destruction of their assholes. The treatment is working and the monster is the first to let loose a gusher of cum. Scotty can no longer hold back and as the Doctor slides his hand in his ass one last time, Scotty sprays his own chest with ropes of cream. The Doctor is satisfied with this round of treatment and leaves Scotty alone with the monster to clean up the mess.

  • Updated on : 11-23-2017 |
  • Length : 27:51 min |